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EPIC Delegation to Singapore

LUX Photonics Consortium hosted a delegation of 15 members from the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) from 11th to 13th January 2017. The event was jointly organized by LUX Photonics Consortium and EPIC. EPIC members coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, USA, and New Zealand visited a few Singapore landmarks as well as LUX member companies GLOBALFOUNDRIES, DenseLight Semiconductor and Coherent Singapore; and had a glimpse of Singapore's photonics industry. This is part of the MoU signed between LUX Photonics Consortium and EPIC in April 2016 to form a partnership for bilateral business network expansion.

Presentations made by both LUX and EPIC members can be downloaded here.

See what Carlos Lee EPIC Director General has to say about the event here and how FibeReality's Mark Lutkowitz was impressed with the event in his Blog entry here.