Competitive Research Programme (CRP) 

Perovskite Optoelectronics: Multidimensional Perovskites for High Performance Solution-processed Light Emitting Devices

PI: Prof. Subodh Mhaisalkar, NTU


Hybrid perovskites bring new light to research on light-emitting devices (LEDs)

Next-generation LEDs will be manufactured more cost-effectively and will be distinguished by high efficiency, color quality, and tunability, as well as low temperature solution-processing.

And if the research bears fruit, hybrid would transition from laboratory curiosity to a practical application in light-emitting devices. The research team seeks to harness the unique light emission properties of this family of extraordinary optoelectronic materials to develop high-performance, low-cost, solution-processed light emission and lasing technologies.

Perovskites were extensively studied a decade ago from mostly a materials discovery perspective, today, Prof Subodh and his team of distinguished colleagues in NTU are among the leading researchers looking at meaningful applications for them. He and his team of researchers are working to maximize the photoluminescence quantum yield, color tunability, color purity, and stability, through the design and synthesis of novel perovskite materials. Additionally, they are studying innovative device architecture as well as interface phenomena to optimize the overall efficiency of such perovskite-based devices. 

The team sees strong commercialization potential in the project and is aiming to start two spin-off companies within five years.