Competitive Research Programme (CRP) 

A Cutting-edge Silicon-based Mid-IR Photonics Platform for Emerging Communication and Sensing Applications

PI: Prof. Wang Hong, NTU


New possibilities at the speed of light     

Silicon photonics is an emerging technology that allows data to be transferred amongst computer chips by optical rays in a much more efficient fashion than via electrical conductors: simply put, far more data is moved in far less time. This programme seeks to reinvent mid-infrared (Mid-IR) Silicon photonics for communications and sensing applications, as well as those in the healthcare sector.

A silicon and germanium-based photonics platform for new Mid-IR photonic devices and integrated circuits is being established. This will provide the key components for a transformative change to IR applications, and bring new possibilities to the likes of medical diagnostic testing at or near the point of patient care, environmental monitoring, and industrial process controls.