Competitive Research Programme (CRP) 

CMOS Tera-hertz Interconnects towards Tera-scale Personalized Cloud Server

PI: Asst Prof. Yu Hao, NTU


CMOS Terahertz meta-devices for cheaper and more efficient data servers

The worldwide server market – dominated by the likes of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell and IBM – is worth a massive US$13 billion. Now, researchers led by NTU’s Assistant Prof Yu Hao are poised to revolutionize it by exploring the use of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) terahertz meta-devices in building high-speed links for data servers. These will require lower cost and power compared to existing data servers that rely on silicon photonics.

The proposed spoof surface-plasmon-polariton source, modulation, and transmission means that the electromagnetic wave is confined at the surface during propagation, significantly reducing the radiation loss or crosstalk at high frequencies. Data servers aside, potential downstream customers include the broader information and communications technology industry.

The team is also working on CMOS sub-terahertz imaging for portable, large-array system on a chip, and that can be used for the likes of biological screening and security screening.