Competitive Research Programme (CRP) 

Artificial Mesoscopic Structures for Next Generation Electronic and Photonic Technology

PI: Prof. Zhang Dao Hua, NTU


A mesoscopic key to overcoming the diffraction limit?

Artificial mesoscopic structures – those found in-between the worlds of the microscopic and macroscopic – could have uses as light sources, and in light manipulation and high-resolution imaging and sensing. Their qualities could also potentially provide the breakthrough in helping optical imaging systems like the microscope overcome the diffraction limit, which is where the diffraction of white light constricts their resolution.

With this project, Prof Zhang Dao Hua is looking to investigate, design and fabricate artificial mesoscopic structures that can be used to create a microscope which is unaffected by the diffraction limit and capable of wide and far-field imaging, applied in ceramic lasers, or even to improve efficiency in infrared photodetectors.